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Better Bribes

yBribes pairs users looking to buy votes, with those looking to sell them.

You can sell your vote to the highest bidder by voting on briber's gauge and claiming rewards in exchange for your voting power.

For those looking to buy votes, you can offer bribes to a gauge using the 'Bribe a Gauge' function. Resulting in a boost to CRV emissions to the gauge of your choosing.

Claim Period

Claim periods run from thursday to thursday, and the scrolling clock on the main page displays the time remaining in the current period.

Make sure you claim any claimable rewards before the current period ends, and/ or submit your votes for the next period.

Be sure to claim any rewards before voting again on the same gauge or you'll be locked out of rewards until the following week.

Why Bribe?

Curve conducts a weekly governance vote that determines the allocation of CRV rewards to various pools. By buying votes, DAOs, protocols and users can influence the direction of these rewards and boost yields in pools beneficial to them.

Holders who are not interested in directing rewards can instead sell their voting power to users who do. Win win.